Joining up health and wellbeing information in Leeds

Brainbox has been busy over recent months running a city-wide consultation about how health and wellbeing information could and should be used for the benefit of residents. The project, for the Health and Wellbeing Board, explores what citizens of Leeds think and feel about information about them being used to plan services, for health research and for commercial research. Joined Up Leeds was developed as a two-week period of conversations taking place in February across the city.

Citizens discussed how their health and wellbeing data could and should be shared, the benefits of sharing, the concerns they have, and how information could be used for the benefit of people in Leeds. The team developed materials to help citizens understand the potential benefits of information sharing, as well helping identify their concerns. People were able to attend events, host their own event, download one of our fantastic ‘chat-packs’ (see below), fill in a survey, tweet to #joinedupleeds, or post on the Joined Up Leeds Facebook page.

We used the results to develop a set of recommendations for the future of information sharing in Leeds and we will be presenting these recommendations to the Health and Wellbeing Board on the 25th March.

Dr Fiona Fylan, a Health Psychologist who designed the Joined Up Leeds Campaign said: “This consultation empowered people to decide the future of information-sharing in the City. We hope that this work will contribute to the city’s vision of becoming the best city for health and wellbeing and to be a global leader for health innovation.”