We find things out for you

We love doing research. We will design a project that gets to the heart of what you want to find out and develop recommendations that will benefit you, your organisation and the people you work with.

We use the most appropriate mix of methods based on what you want to find out and how you want to use the results. For example,

• Focus groups
• Interviews
• Surveys
• Diaries
• Social media
• Experiments
• Graphic elicitation
• Cognitive walks.

We select the best techniques for analysing data, including:

Qualitative techniques that analyse the things that people say, for example thematic analysis, discourse analysis, or narrative framing.

Quantitative techniques that help us understand differences between people, groups, or situations, for example statistical tests that include ANOVA and regression.

We give you skills and confidence

Want to learn about doing research or analysing data? What about learning about how to change behaviour? We will design training based on what you would like to do and deliver it at your premises or at our own venue.  We develop training programs just for you – so you know it’ll be the right level, the right length and when you need it to happen.
Examples include:

• Designing and planning a research project
• Planning and conducting evaluations
• Focus groups
• Involving patients in healthcare decisions
• Designing a behavioural change intervention
• Using behavioural change techniques.

We have delivered research training for many clients, including NHS originations and local authorities. Large commercial organisations have also commissioned research training to improve their understanding of good quality research.

We help and advise you

We can work alongside you on a specific project, either to take responsibility for a piece of work, or to guide and advise you in what you are doing. Our team has a wealth of experience in planning and doing research, on making recommendations from research findings, and on implementing change based on research findings. In addition, each of our team members has their own individual area of expertise and can work with you on areas such as:

• Behavioural insights
• Improving healthcare experiences
• Changing behaviour


Our company

Brainbox has been going since 2000.
We began life with a mission to bring robust research within the reach of organisations that don’t have the time to spend briefing a University department and waiting several months or years for the results.

We think that anyone should be able to commission well-thought-out research and expert analysis techniques, which may not be available in market research companies.

So that’s what we aim to do – we bring expert research offering insight and understanding to customers who want to make a difference.


Our customer experience

We work hard to give our customers the best possible experience. We will listen to what you want, make sure you know what to expect right the way through your project, and you know who to contact if you have a question or just want a catch-up. We deliver our projects on time and to budget, and while we use sophisticated research techniques, we make sure our reports are clear and easy to understand.